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Neodymium Radial Magnets

Multipole Radial Ring Neodymium Magnets, Multipole Radial Magnetization Magnet, Customized Radial Magnetic Ring Magnet, Radially Oriented Ring Magnet, Multipolar Radial Ring Permanent NdFeB Magnet Ring

Multipole Radial Ring Neodymium Magnets – Sintered rare earth magnet:

Radially oriented ring magnet usually refers to sintered magnet. The sintered rare earth magnets can be divided into NdFeB and SmCo. The orientation system for radial oriented sintered rare earth magnet is more complicated than simple sintered one to apply the radially orientation magnetic field during the molding process. The ring blanks with radially oriented can be magnetized into multi-polar ring magnet. For sintered rare earth magnet, the customers should bear the cost of orientation coil and magnetization fixture, and therefore the development cost of this kind of magnet is very expensive.

The radially oriented ring magnet means that the magnetization direction of the ring magnet is in a radial pattern through radial direction. Even if many sales in the magnet industry unable to distinguish radially oriented ring magnet and diametrically magnetized ring magnet until now.

The schemiatic diagram as follows for better understanding:

The radially oriented ring magnet is divided into uni-polar magnetization and multi-polar magnetization.

For uni-polar magnetization, N polar spreads on the inner diameter and S polar spreads on the out diameter, or S polar spreads on the inner diameter and N polar spreads on the out diameter.

For multi-polar magnetization, usually we make 4 polars,6 polars,8 polars,12 polars,16 polars,32 polars..., the polars can be skewed and straight.

It is not for all ring magnets can be made to radially oriented magnetization due to the current technical limit, the acceptable dimensions as follows:

For sintered rare earth magnet, the traditional method to make multi-polar magnet is often by placing arc segments magnets on a ring shape. The intricate process and uneven distribution of magnetic field strength are always restrict the development of this method.

The biggest role of radially oriented technology is helping anisotropic magnet to achieve multi-polar magnetization, and extend its application in various areas.

Isotropic bonded magnet:

The isotropic magnet could be magnetized in any direction with suitable L/D ratio can be magnetized into radially-oriented ring magnet due to the restrictions of magnetization fixture.

Anisotropic injection molded magnet:

The radially oriented magnet is the most complex type among the whole anisotropic injection molded magnets. How to guide the magnetic circuit in into the cavities is the most critical factor. The radially oriented anisotropic injection molded ring magnets are usually made by electromagnetic orientation technology. Unlike the simple permanent magnet orientation, magnets made by electromagnetic orientation will be demagnetized before die sinking, then re-magnetize into multi-polar according to customer’s requirement. multipole radial magnetization magnet

Hot-pressed/hot deformed magnet:

The hot-pressed magnet is full-density isotropic magnet, and full-density anisotropic magnet for hot-deformed magnet. The hot-deformed technology has already became a practical method to manufacture the radially oriented ring magnet.

Multi-polar Radial Ring Neodymium Magnets for coupling:

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A5;If you have any inquiry,please kindly advise the following items:
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A6:Our factory have a huge magnets stock list,we will share with you if necessary,all magnets arecustomized as different clients' different use.

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